About us

Hello, we are the kolo coffee team!

kolo coffee is a community of Ukrainian baristas and coffee people who have come together to create a speciality coffee roastery with a focus on rare coffees.

Most of our coffee is direct trade, purchased directly from farmers.

Each year we search for rare and delicious coffees on our own, so we build strong friendships with our suppliers and have a unique selection of rare coffees from around the world.

We drive three simple things through our products - innovation, simplicity and humanity.

We create everything we create the way we see it and the way we feel it.

Our team consists of coffee champions and enthusiasts who are the best at what they do.

- vice-champion of the World Coffee in Good Spirits 2022, Q-grader traveler and founder of KLCF. Creating something cool and fun for the coffee world, searching for interesting coffee around the world for you.

Konstantin Strelnikov

Kostya - Ukrainian Barista champion and vice-champion of the Brewers cup, co-founder of KLCF. Kostya is a head roaster and responsible for education.

We have always participated in coffee competitions and represented Ukraine at world championships. Side by side, they made and created products with a very different and interesting view of the world.

Now it's KLCF